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Letter to the Editor

As a resumer-returner, I’m pretty passionate about our college. My last degree from Mills was achieved 22 years ago. I embraced the evolution I perceived had taken place in my interim as I stepped back on campus in Fall 2015. The Children’s School looks pretty different. There’s a giant business school on the pasture where once I picnicked, but since it’s filled with incredible, intelligent and warm, funny women, I’m not too grumpy at the missing dandelions. There is a strong start in welcoming transgender, gender-queer and gender-fluid persons as part of Mills. For all of these advancements, I am grateful. And proud.

For those who were unable to be present at the reception for our 14th Mills College President, Elizabeth Hillman, this afternoon, might I just say – you missed a great one. She is inspiring, inclusive and very alive. She brought her whole family. I feel like she thinks we’re her whole family. It was really pretty great. Nice job, search committee.

For those who could have been present, but stayed away, I feel a little judge-y. Sure, it’s been a bit of a wonky year. There’s plenty of stuff to sort out. Mills has got some challenges to turn into opportunities. But this is OUR time to stand up and be counted. Women’s colleges are necessary and vital to supporting the redress of social injustice. Apathy is the enemy. Show up, speak up and STAND UP. You matter. We all do. Let’s support President Hillman to be the leader we need, as we become leaders in this world that needs us.

That is all,

Kathleen Seabolt
Class of 1994
Ed.D. candidate