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Letter to the Editor: Community member responds to Fart Ass vandal’s “confession”

I was recently on campus for business, and picked up the 11.19.13 edition of The Campanil. As an older citizen who knew someone who attended Mills back in the late 60’s, I will say that there certainly are a lot of changes to see in the campus and its culture.

One thing that was disappointing was the “Confession of a Mills Vandal”, which proudly described their defacement of art work on campus. Maybe it was an argument in favor of 1st Amendment rights, but I found it childish. To include ‘potty talk’, which I might expect from my grandkids, to rationalize their action, is degrading for all whom are aware of the situation. It is unfortunate that an institution which prides itself on ‘education based on social justice’ would spawn such a juvenile article, even if it calls itself a ‘humor’ piece.


Tom McDougall