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Letter to the Editor

Dear Editors,

I am writing to respond to the letter published on January 25, 2012, titled “Not a Mills woman-at least, not yet.” As the Dean of Undergraduate Admission at Mills and a proud graduate of the class of 1993, I would like to assure prospective students, current students, and members of the community that the Office of Undergraduate Admission at Mills carefully evaluates each application to the College.  We follow specific standards for admission, which are outlined in our admission materials. In addition, the College complies with state and federal non-discrimination laws.

Admission to Mills is competitive and the College simply cannot admit every applicant who applies.  As a result, many students receive disappointing admission decisions from selective colleges like Mills.  Anyone who is denied admission, however, may appeal the decision by submitting new academic credentials and a letter of appeal to the Admission Committee. We are eager to admit students who meet our admission standards and who will succeed at the College and persist to graduation.
Mills remains committed to enrolling and providing support to a diverse population of students.

Giulietta Aquino ’93
Dean of Undergraduate Admission