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Letter: Mills should not allow communist groups on campus

I write this letter not as a Democrat, Republican, liberal or other affiliation. I write this as an American. As someone who loves her country and loves the freedoms we have been given by our founding fathers. I am not an eloquent writer, but I am an ardent patriot.

On Sept. 10 I went to the campus Tea Shop to get lunch and was immediately appalled at what I beheld. A group of Marxist/Communists were handing out propaganda and literature. This is the most un-American, unpatriotic event I have ever witnessed for myself, other than 9-11. At least with 9-11, it happened quickly and we could see immediate, visible effects of those terrorists who would take our freedoms away. These communist groups work slowly, seeping into our society, quietly pushing their agenda. It will be no big hit as with 9-11, but a slow degradation of our fundamental rights and beliefs. It begins in our schools, on our campuses, with each one of us and works itself into our society — and we are allowing it!

I am dumbfounded that this was blatantly allowed and no one so much as blinked an eye of disapproval. I have attended many colleges and have very much enjoyed my time here at Mills. Mills is a beautiful community, not simply because of the topography but because of the people who make Mills what it is. For the first time, I was ashamed to be part of this community. To be part of something that overstepped its bounds in the arena of tolerance. Am I not the only one who will stand up and voice my disdain for the tolerance of communism in our homeland? We have the freedoms we cherish because we are not a communist community. When will enough be enough? Will we tolerate so much and voluntarily end up with no freedoms? When we don’t have the freedom of speech to preach tolerance anymore, what will you do then? I submit, even less than you have done now, in order to preserve these freedoms.

I know Mills is a community which prides itself in diversity and tolerance, and I understand that all have a right to voice their opinion whether we agree with it or not. I will tolerate many things, but communism running through my school campus is not one of them. Notwithstanding our first amendment rights, I propose there are some things we as Americans should not be complacent about. I enjoy my freedoms just as much as every one of you, yet there are those who use these rights in order to take our freedoms away.

Serving our country is one of the most patriotic acts we can participate in. If we can council to have our military denied rights of attending on campus for recruiting, yet allow communism free reign to infiltrate their propaganda throughout our schools, what does that say about us? What does that say about our patriotism, or lack thereof? My dad is a Marine, a Vietnam veteran. He, along with countless others have taken bullets and sacrificed more than some of you are willing to admit all in the name of freedom and liberty. Many are still serving and giving their lives on our behalf, and yet we allow the propaganda of communism to be spread in our home, in our backyard, on our campus. I watch my dad suffer every Veterans Day as he remembers his friends who have given all, even their lives. For those who have died in his arms, for those who left their families behind, for all the death that he caused. What message are we sending our heroes? It is nothing less than a slap in the face.

I would hope that I am not alone in my conviction, and that others are strong enough to share their voice as well. In working to be a better and tolerant community, I would think we would not tolerate extremist groups like Aryan Nation, the KKK or The New Black Panther Party for Self Defense. How is communism any different, and why should we allow such rampant acts of non-patriotism on our campus? Let us, just as our government, take a personal oath to protect our constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Let it not be us who sit on the sidelines waiting for someone else to protect our freedom. It is our responsibility.