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Letter from Team Awesome

I admire a lot of values at Mills. The spirit of collaboration, the drive to innovation and the abundance of good ideas are all incredibly inspiring. But what college wouldn’t be better off with the occasional zombie apocalypse, giant nap-in or strap-on harness making workshop?

Team Awesome exists to make those kind of absolutely silly events happen at Mills. We take those values and apply them to our structure. The seventy plus members of TA form smaller teams to make individual events happen. The person who makes the fliers is no less important to the team than the person who teaches the workshop on the history of guerilla art.

If you are interested in any of the events mentioned, or have an idea for an event or want to share your feelings/thoughts on the Boer War/pictures of cute kittens, feel free to contact us at

Ariana Cuellar, Co-President
Colleen Kimsey, Co-President
Zoe Marcus, Co-President

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