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How can I be safe while wandering the streets of Oakland?

How can I be safe while wandering the streets of

Who we asked: Steven King, Director of Public Safety at
Mills, and the Oakland Police Department Commercial Security

The answer:

= Walk with confidence and stay on busy, well-lighted

= Never walk alone at night.

= Walk close to the curb. Keep away from alleys, obscure
pathways, doorways, and dense shrubbery.

= Plan your travel and carry directions.

= Keep your car in good condition and the gas tank at least 1/4
full at all times.

= Park your car in a well-lighted location as close as possible
to your destination.

= When taking public transportation, use a transit schedule to
avoid waiting longer than necessary.

= At a bus stop or BART station ticket machine, make sure you
have the exact fare in your hand ready for deposit. Do not open
your purse or wallet at these locations.

= Sit in aisle seats when riding the bus or train at night,
close to the driver.

= If you are confronted by a robber, listen to the robber’s
demands. If the robber wants your money or property, comply without
hesitation. Don’t try any tricks. However if a robber wants you to
get into a car, do not comply. You have no choice…you must run or

= Keep your house keys separate from your car keys, never attach
a tag with your name or address to a key ring.

= Minimize the amount of money and credit cards you carry.

= Carry a whistle or other type of personal alarm. Use it if you
feel threatened.

= Don’t over-dress and avoid wearing expensive-looking jewelry.
High heels and tight skirts may restrict you from running. Scarves
and necklaces could give an attacker a strangle-hold.

= Don’t be overburdened carrying baggage. Keep at least one hand

= Wear good running shoes.

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