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Staff Editorial: Commuter Lounge Should Extend Hours

Here at Mills, the administration and institution frequently express a vested interest in “building community” whenever possible. However, the Campanil Staff feel that there is definitely one area where this “community building” is lacking — the restricted hours in the Commuter Lounge.

Currently, the Commuter Lounge is only open until midnight. In itself, the Commuter Lounge is a valuable resource—equipped with a furnished kitchen and storage lockers. However, the restriction on hours detracts from the convenience of the space.

Students can receive parking tickets if they remain doing homework after hours, regardless of whether they had to write and study late.

We feel that any disconnection commuters may already feel from Mills may be exacerbated by the midnight cutoff and parking tickets. Students over 23 can use the Mary Atkins Lounge, which is open 24 hours for those who qualify for keys. Why shouldn’t commuters under 23 have the same opportunity to use campus facilities whenever they need to?

Commuters do have the option to get an overnight pass, but they can still be very inconvenient. In addition to interrupting their work to go get a pass from public safety, they must give public safety the name of a friend’s dorm at which they are “staying” before being issued a pass.

Mills has a large commuting population, and all students and commuting students deserve to feel like they are valued as part of the community. The Campanil Staff urges administrators to consider changing the midnight cutoff policy, and to stop targeting these students for parking tickets.