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BLOG | Hey Class of 2011! Send us your thoughts on graduation and photos

Hey Class of 2011! The Campanil will be relaunching our special online page for the 123rd Mills College Commencement soon and we need your help.

We want you to send us:

    1) Your THOUGHTS on graduating and leaving Mills

      • Fears? Anxieties? Excitement? What are you feeling now that graduation is almost upon you? What thoughts are running through your head?

      • What were the best parts of your experience at Mills? Most memorable moments?

      • At least one or two sentences is fine. The limit is 500 words but we can always negotiate.

    2) PHOTOS of your time at Mills and/or during Commencement

      • JPEG and GIF are fine.

      • You can also include a link to your photo slideshows, such as Flickr or Photobucket, if you want.

    3) LINKS to your own video or audio clips of some shenanigans at the College and/or Commencement

      • Youtube would be ideal.

We’ll properly credit you for your content so please also attach:

    • The names of the people in your photos, videos, etc.
    • Descriptions of what’s happening in your photos, videos, etc.
    • Your own full name, nickname, alias, etc.
    • The title of your academic degree (majors and minors)
    • What you’re doing or hope to do after graduation, dreams and aspirations.

You can email all of them to and we’ll put them up ASAP.

We’re excited to hear from you and thank you for your contributions.

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