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An Update from your ASMC Executive Board

ASMC Executive Board Report For September 2004

Items Approved:

– The budget for 04/05 school year has been approved by both
ASMC and Legislative Congress. With the exception of the
publications, The Weekly, The Walrus and The Crest which are still
on review by Legislative Congress the budget is expected to be
completed by Oct. 12.

– ASMC and Legislative Congress approved the new

Co-sponsorship of Coming Out Week events – Drag Dance Oct.

Sponsorship of a free concert featuring Mills musicians as well
as members from the outside community – Oct. 18.

– Funding for the freshwoman & sophomore retreat.

Board Appointments:

– Due to the overwhelming response to participate in the student
government at Mills, appointment interviews to fill the Judicial
and Academic boards are still taking place. The ASMC plans to
announce the appointments for these boards next week.

Community Development:

– Among the top goals for the ASMC Executive Board this school
year is student outreach. Within this effort a series of Town Hall
meetings have been planned, creating opportunities for students to
voice their concerns and ideas. This year’s first Town Hall meeting
was held on Sept. 28 generating a significant turnout. As a result
the board is addressing the top concerns, regarding the van
service, public safety, and the future of diversity programming.
The board plans to hold future Town Hall meetings with proposals
for solutions. We also hope to have members of the administration
on hand in order to address these issues and generate

Opportunities For Community Participation:

– Positions to participate in the programming board are still
available. Please contact Sarah Rolfe ( if you are interested.

– All students are welcome to attend ASMC meetings held every
Tuesday at 9 p.m. in Suzie’s Lounge. We also have office hours
throughout the week – check your student-news or stop by the office
in the Student Union for details.

– Visit the new ASMC Web site:

Upcoming Events – look for info about…

– Movie night

– Town Hall Meeting (regarding van and public safety)

– Monthly ASMC newsletter