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Alumnae Respond on Graduation

Dear Editor,

The Alumnae Student Relations (ASR) Committee was saddened to read in the Weekly that “December’s [graduation] reception left many disappointed.” (Feb. 8) Other than a few emails circulated on student-news, we have not received any negative feedback. In fact, the attendance has more than doubled since the ASR committee began holding the event in 1995.

Last week, ASR members and AAMC Director of Alumnae Relations Donna Castro met with Hilda Hernandez Gravelle to discuss the issues raised about the Winter Grad Reception. ASR Co-Chairs Laura Compton and Sandra Mistretti discussed the origins of the event, turnout, and student response. Gravelle listened, took notes, and asked how her office could be helpful. We agreed that collaboration and support from the College help make ASR events successful.

The announcement of majors will be incorporated in the next Winter Grad program, and the timing of the event will continue to be discussed. We hold the reception in early December so students who live on campus will be able to attend. However, we recognize that this comes at a stressful time in the semester, and will survey students in September about alternate dates.

The ASR committee welcomes input/comments from all students and invites participation at its monthly meetings. The elected ASMC Alumnae Student Representatives are a voice for all students and a valuable asset to the ASR committee.



Laura Compton, ’93 ASR Co-Chair

Sandra Mistretti, ’00 ASR Co-Chair

Anne Gillespie Brown, ’68 Alumnae Associate of Mills College Executive Director