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Women’s college’s ‘diversity’ is sexism

Our newspaper has an article today on Mills College, titled “Women’s College Roars”. How impressive, loud women. Like Maxine Waters.

The article states that there are 70 women’s colleges, but only 3 men’s. How very unbalanced of women. How very sexist. “Diversity” is one of countless liberal mantras. Diversity is wonderful, except at women’s colleges.

Jadwiga Sebrechsts, president of the Women’s College Coalition, said “Women are the No. 1 priority and men come second.” Had any man said the converse of this, he would be reviled by feminists everywhere for his hatefulness and sexism. But whenever a sexist female says something bashing men, it’s perfect political correctness.

The article goes on to say that the 1990 trustee vote to make Mills co-ed “jolted the student body into action”! Oh my. Enrollment was

700 in 1990, and that “jolt” resulted in 730 students today. We’re talking “powerful” and “strong” women here.

“Powerful” and “strong” are always positive attributes when applied to women. In contrast, when used to describe men, they become negative attributes, indicating male domination and abuse and sexism.

But back to the “jolt.” That student body growth of 30 is a 4.29% increase over a 12 year period. Have any of you ladies – sorry, persons -calculated that growth rate on an annual basis? It works out to be 0.35% annual growth – considerably behind President Holmgren’s desired annual growth rate of 10 to 16%. Evidently feminine leadership and power at

Mills College leaves something to be desired. But please, no more crying.

John Jaeger

Irvine, California