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Voters can make a difference

Dear Editor,

Democracy is grassroots.

If not grassroots, democracy fails to be a government of the
people. It can become a spectator sport, an entertainment every few
years over the race between candidates.

Some worry big money and special interest groups dominate the
political spectrum. But citizens can get involved. For example,
Proposition 56 was put on the March ballot election by citizens,
who want to change the State Constitution to make it easier for the
state legislature to raise taxes and balance the budget.

Gov. Schwarzenegger supports Props 57 & 58 which work
together to balance this year’s budget by borrowing another $15
billion in bonds. Some argue this would be a quick fix solution
bringing many more problems in the near future.

To learn more about your vote this March 2 California Primary
Election, go to the post office to pick up an “Easy Voter Guide:
making elections make sense.”

Carmen Hartono, ’90

League of Women Voters of Oakland