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Traffic Concerns on Mills Campus

Dear Editor,

We’re here at Mills because we are on a mission, so let’s do all we can to get there safely.  During the past week, my car has almost been hit three times.  The first was at the intersection of Kapiolani Road and the health center.  The driver was talking on her cell phone and was about to turn without noticing oncoming traffic.  Three days later that same driver, coming out of the parking lot near the main gate and still on her cell phone, almost hit me again.  Within minutes of that encounter, two cars failed to yield the right of way at the Richards Gate intersection.

I think people are deluded by the small size of the campus and believe public safety related to driving is not an issue.  The stop sign right in front of Haas Pavillion seems to say “run me,” for I’m constantly encountering people speeding through it with no regard for the traffic coming out of the parking lot adjacent to Haas.  As elsewhere, there also seems to be a diminished regard for pedestrians.

I ask that we all bring a keen awareness into our driving habits, respect the right of way of pedestrians and pay close attention to the speed limit and flow of traffic at the various intersections on campus.  It’s better to be late for class or a meeting than never to make it there at all.


Go Well,


Daphne Muse

Special Projects Consultant

Office of the President