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Traffic Concerns at Education School from Mills Student-parent

I am a student here at Mills who lives in the Underwood Apartments. I also have a child that attends the Children’s School on campus. All school year I have had repeated issues with drivers speeding past the Underwood Apartments as well as down the access road to the Children’s School. These are typically parents that are running late.There are between two and five children that I and/or another parent walk to the Children’s School following the same route. There is another parent who lives here at Underwood and whose child attends the Children’s School that refuses to walk this route because sometimes it is not safe.The worst offenders are during the 8:20 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. time slot. I have taken license plate numbers and given them to Suzanne DiLillo on previous occasions. The parents continue to violate appropriate speed restrictions.If the speed limit was posted clearly as 10 MPH through that whole area, perhaps it would help. Can a posting be placed to clearly delineate the road for students and faculty only?There have been several occasions when we have had to scurry into the bushes or lean against the hillside to prevent being hit. As a student here at Mills, I would expect all roads to be safe, not just the main ones.Thank you for you attention to this matter. It would be very sad if someone got hit.Sincerely,Michelle Blackford