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Studio 54 article unfair in representing the dance

While I sincerely appreciated the review the Senior “Studio 54” Dance received in the last issue, I take umbrage at the reviewer’s not-so-subtle comments regarding the planning and executing of the event.

Nichole Urbach (Senior Class President) and I, along with a team of volunteers, worked very hard and put in long hours to ensure that the dance would be a success.

By focusing on the lack of party-goers and our use of “black trash bags” to cover the chairs, the reviewer completely negated the spirit and sweat that went into the decor.

There were handmade glitter curtains and disco balls (contrary to the article), a strobe light, and lots of 70s tunes.

Perhaps the reviewer hasn’t considered that much of the music from the 70s survived well into the 80s and beyond.

While I am well aware that attendance at campus events is often not a priority for many students, it is reviews like this – that make light of the work that goes into putting on such an event – that detract from and discourage students from attending.