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Student upset that Fetish Ball lands on Good Friday

Like most people, I was amused when I heard that the beloved Fetish Ball, a dance put on by Mouthing Off, was set on Good Friday, the day that Christians venerate the death of Jesus Christ. It seemed like a somewhat witty joke. After some thought I realized that every Christian student, staff member and faculty member should find this egregiously offensive.

Mills asserts that it is committed to respect and tolerance for all races, sexual orientations and religious faiths, and it is my impression that we do pay close attention to all these things. But holding the Fetish Ball on the holiest and most mournful day of the Christian calendar does not live up to this ideal of respect of all religious beliefs and traditions.

Regardless of my faith, I wish to see the Christian faith treated with the same respect that all faiths deserve and receive in the diverse Mills environment. This year alone, reunion and Mills Life 101 were both canceled in observance of Jewish Holidays.

It only makes sense that the Fetish Ball be moved to a different Friday night. The very next Friday is Friday the 13th! Many students seem to feel that the date change is needed and agreeable. I planned to attend Fetish Ball as soon as I heard of it, but not if it will be held on Good Friday. I encourage Mills students of all faiths to protest the Fetish Ball to force the date change.

The Fetish Ball is a much-loved event at Mills College as well as an excellent fundraiser for Mouthing Off. However, holding Fetish Ball on Good Friday should not be condoned by the Mills Community, and the dance itself should not be overshadowed.

Lacy Paap