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Student defends Princeton Review’s take on Mills

Dear Editor,

In response to the article “Conservatives on liberal campus,” I think that the criticism of the Princeton Review was unfounded. While I respect conservative viewpoints, when you come to Mills you have to know that it’s not a conservative or religious school and anyone expecting that shouldn’t attend. Finding opposition to the survey is finding opposition to student life here at Mills. For instance, the Princeton Review cited Mills as “students who ignore God on a regular basis” and it’s true. We don’t have a theology department and the one religious institution on campus is our nondenominational chapel. Most students who enroll at Mills do not come here for religious or conservative teaching; they are fully aware that Mills is a liberal institution, and that is part of the draw. One wouldn’t go to Brigham Young University and expect to find a large liberal population on campus. Our students are most nostalgic for the Clinton presidency. It’s absurd to be angry at the Princeton Review for calling Mills what it is: a liberal institution.

Nichole DaSilva