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Response to open forum on oppression

In a country that was founded on genocide and imperialism the
legacy of oppression runs deep in the veins of our nation.

It would be nice to think that our society is governed with the
principles of freedom, democracy and equal opportunity, but it

Shoshauna Brown and Jessica Lynch experienced the horrible
ordeal of being detained as prisoners of war.

While on disability Lynch will receive eighty percent of her
salary compared to the thirty percent Brown will get. Brown was
shot twice and has a child to support. Lynch was knocked
unconscious in a car accident and has a movie and book deal.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Shoshauna is black and
Jessica is white, but maybe it’s just in my mind.

Back in Oakland, The Riders are beating people, planted drugs
and sent innocent people to jail. The system that didn’t punish
them beyond the loss of their jobs sends a message that if you live
in a working class community that is made up of mostly African
Americans, like West Oakland, the police are not there to protect
and serve.

Oppression has become a frightening reality that pervades every
part of society. Oppression is not in the mind, it’s in the system;
some just have the luxury of ignoring it.

Riana Shaw, Junior