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President should call for mandatory meeting

This is a copy of the letter Tee Sullivan sent to President Holmgren in response to the defacement of the Ramadan posters.

Dear President Holmgren,

I am writing you here today out of concern for the comfort and safety of the students here at Mills. We have had another act of violence against a group of students of color by taking down the writing on their flyers on “Columbus Day.” It is my understanding that you have charged the community here at Mills to continue the work on diversity. Therefore, I ask you as President to call for a mandatory meeting of all students to express the College’s policy on diversity and the zero tolerance of hate crimes here at Mills. My understanding is that you personally want these issues of diversity dealt with on your watch here at Mills. I offer my time and effort in finding solutions to these issues. As I stated to Provost Milford in her office, it is not the responsibility of the Ethnic Studies department, faculty or the students of color at Mills to deal with the racism on campus. It is the responsibility of the administration to set the standard and example. I feel this is one of the fundamental problems here at Mills that needs time and attention because this repeat of last year shows a lack in clear communication to the student body about their responsibilities to each other. If, as you have stated, Mills takes pride in the diversity here, then we as a community must take a hard look at ourselves, this institution and the policies that are not working.

Tee Sullivan