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Media Studies misrepresented

Regarding the Media Studies program article in the April 4 Weekly, I would like to note: (1) In terms of “some faculty” concern with “under staffing” in the program, President Holmgren twice declined to hire the DRMS search committee’s unanimous recommendation to fill the New Media faculty position (2000, 2001). (2) In terms of Media Studies being “misplaced in dramatic arts” I was assigned to that department in

1990, but never did anyone officially discuss with me moving the program into any other structure. (3) In terms of “some faculty” feeling that the program had “internal weaknesses” and was “more cohesive on paper than it ever actually was,” I disagree and am available to publicly discuss such statements with anyone. I agree that the major and minors are now dead, but I am not pleased to find the grave disturbed in this manner.

Ken Burke

Professor of Film Studies