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Margo Okazawa-Rey responds to article

Dear Editor,

First, thank you for finding my life in Palestine interesting enough to write about. I’d also like to correct a couple of inaccurate statements. WCLAC is located in East Jerusalem, Palestine, not Israel, a very important distinction. Mid-July is when I moved here, not when I was offered the position.

Contrary to The Weekly ‘s statement, I have had enviable job opportunities throughout my career. I am sorry to say that the only unwelcoming, sometimes subtly hostile, institution I have closely associated with is Mills College. My contract did not simply expire. It was not renewed-I was essentially fired due to President Jan Holmgren’s assessment, without a formal evaluation, that I was “not a good fit.”

Last, I have been sending out periodic “Dispatches from between the Checkpoints” to family, friends, and anyone else interested in getting them. I am not in weekly contact with Lynne Sloan or with anyone else from Mills for that matter.

Thanks again, and I wish The Weekly staff a very successful year!

Margo Okazawa-Rey

East Jerusalem