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Lael Sigal says her goodbyes to seniors and Mills

Dear Seniors,

The Senior Pin dinner was one of the most moving experiences I have had as Mills College staff member. I know I joked that it was like the Academy Awards for me, but it was semi-serious. Working in student affairs is behind the scenes much of the time, and it’s amazing to realize that people notice. While it is hard work, it is rewarding in itself every time a student graduates, gets into graduate school, finds a new job or shares a learning experience with me.

I am sure the rest of this year will involve many challenges. Many of you will encounter questions about what to do next, where to go next and who will support you along the way. I always said that my senior year was one of scariest experiences of my life. Look to one another for the support and remember that smiling or saying hello can be enough encouragement for someone to make it through the next section of a thesis. While it might be difficult, you will eventually look back and cherish all your memories. One of the best things one can learn in life is to make a plan, act on that plan and have faith in most things turning out all right.

My last six years of service to the College has been in the endeavor of educating Mills women. Esther Jones from DSL said something I thought was very powerful for me before she left in September. She said, “the important thing is to gain the respect of those we want respect from, those we love and care about.” While I don’t feel I deserve the recognition, I am honored and touched to be counted among you: the powerful and wonderful women of Mills College.

Many thanks,

Lael Sigal, Former Asst. Director of Residential and Commuting Life