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Issues regarding race must surface

Recently, there were a number of racially accusatory flyers placed on dorm doors of various Mills students.

Although we understand the right to freedom of expression, and can empathize with feelings of anger in terms of racial/ethnic consciousness, we, a group of women of color working towards a healthy, anti-racist campus climate, do not encourage or endorse such flagrant acts of insensitivity.

This has occurred in the past with women of color as the victims. Then, as now, we do not support unproductive methods of facing and dealing with racial tension.

The need for open, racialized dialogue is present and can be accommodated. But, we must work together as a community to resolve the hurts and pains caused by racial injustice and discrimination brought on by ignorance.

This type of discussion, learning and healing can take place in the soon-to-come Solidarity Lounge (S-Lounge). The Solidarity Lounge will be a place for Mills students to work towards the reconciliation of racial/ethnic conflict. In this way, we can work towards a more unified Mills College.


Concerned Women of Color