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In Mills History…

This week:

In 1998:

n Congressman Jesse Jackson spoke in Oakland, supporting Mills alumna Barbara Lee in her campaign for Congress. Lee later won the congressional seat, replacing local representative Ron Dellums.

In 1996:

n Seven Mills sociology majors presented their thesis papers at the meeting of the Pacific Sociologist Association in Seattle.

In 1989:

n Maki Mandela, daughter of the then-imprisoned Nelson Mandela, gave a speech at the Mills Concert Hall.

This month:

In 1989:

n Students expressed their outrage over the proposal by the Faculty Educational Policy Committee to discontinue the Book Arts graduate program and undergraduate major.

In 1995:

n Mills students coped with the Oklahoma City bombing through discussions and vigils.

n Barbara Lee speaks at Colloquium, advocating affirmative action.

In 1996:

n Students end a two month fast which began as a nationwide protest to renounce the lack of efforts toward enacting a solide affirmative action plan.

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