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Give Mills a chance

Dear Editor,

Over the last year I have noticed more and more articles being
written by transfer students complaining about Mills. Topics range
from men on campus, to Tea Shop service, to people not making eye
contact. It has been frustrating and alienating to many of the
readers who have been at Mills for a while. I feel like this
negativity needs to be reconsidered.

Though I appreciate the irony in my complaining about other
people’s complaints, that’s not the point I’d like to make. I,
along with many other students who have been here a while, just
wish people would give Mills a chance before judging it so harshly.
You need to give it some time before you can do that. We all love
to complain, and we love reading other people’s incessant
complaints in our campus newspaper, but please educate yourself.
Give Mills a chance to show you what it really has to offer

Thanks so much,