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Finding ways to cope with war in Iraq

Throughout the campus, staff and students are organizing events for individuals to express and cope with their emotions and concerns regarding the current U.S. war with Iraq.

“These are hard times,” said freshwoman Rosalie McGie.

Along with a group of friends she refers to as the “Buddy-Heads,” McGie is planning a campus-wide Love-Fest in which “we plan to get people together, listen to Beatles music, and be peaceful,” she McGie.

But McGie isn’t the only member of the Mills community preparing such an event.

Orchard Meadow R.A. Diana Wood is co-coordinating a residence gathering that will be facilitated by Sarah Lambie and Charity Tooze. The event is an opportunity for residents to come together with other members of the community and offer reflection about the loss of peace caused by the war.

At the campus chapel, a candlelight vigil is scheduled every Wednesday until the end of the war.

“My hope is that the vigil will create time and space for us to meditate on peace in the world,” said chaplain Maude Steyart, “but more importantly, to invite peace in our hearts.”

In addition to the weekly vigils, the chapel is open everyday to all individuals from 7 am to 10 pm. It is closed, however, during weddings and other booked events.

“It [the chapel] is a space to be human, as well as a space to be spiritual and religious,” said Steyart. “Everyone should feel welcome to make use of the sanctuary.”

The Counseling Center is also available to students in need of further emotional assistance.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment, please call (510) 430.2119.