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Don’t Blame Public Safety for Theft

To blame all the responsibilities of security on public safety
officers is ridiculous. To run a good and safe environment, we must
watch out for each other and ourselves. Personally, I don’t like
being watched by public safety. I like breezing through the gate,
because I come here every day. I like that they recognize my face
and don’t worry about whether I’m robbing the nearest faculty
office. There have been awful thefts in the past few weeks, Some
very valuable stuff, but the thieves aren’t probably random people
that come ‘off the street’ and into the private lawns of Mills.
They are probably students that want to steal your stuff or need to
steal your stuff. And as for installing video cameras, hell no. I
want to come into an environment different than the real world
where I am watched every single second. This is not Big
Sister-leave me alone.

Shelley Falkenberg

Class of 2005