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Campus lacking dialogue

When I first came to Mills I was a communications major. Well, we all know what happened to that department. My sophomore year I took some drama classes, was in a play, and caught the acting bug. I first thought the crisis in the theatre department was brought about because I’m cursed, but I realized it’s Mills that’s cursed.

Don’t worry, we don’t need to call in physics. Mills is cursed with a lack of communication. I feel that the separate departments don’t interact. We all have a deep interest in what we’re learning, why don’t we ever share that with each other? This lack of communication also characterizes the relationship between students and administrators. My experiences here have led me to believe that no one listens to my opinions as a student. This is a shame as I originally thought as a Mills woman, that I would be empowered.

So I put it to you Mills students-the time has come when we have to empower each other. That starts with talking-spread the word!

Katy Coe