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A new professor next year

As of August 2003, there will be an addition to the computer sciences department. This week, Almudena Konrad has accepted a position as assistant professor of computer sciences.

“I was really happy when I received the offer,” said Konrad. “This is the kind of position I always wanted.”

Konrad is currently working on her Ph.D. in computer sciences at the University of California, Berkeley.

“Her research is top-rate,” said Ellen Spertus, one of the members of the search committee. “She had strong letters of recommendation and has written many important papers, one of which won an award for best paper at a conference.”

As part of the process of selecting final candidates for the position, Konrad gave a presentation on operating systems in February.

Erica Rios, a graduate student who volunteered to meet with and review the lectures of the candidates, said, “she obviously has expertise in networking, particularly in wireless networking. Students are excited to have someone teach something so cutting-edge, and Almudena can communicate complex ideas in a very easy-to-understand way.”

Konrad’s primary job will be to teach computer science material, but she also hopes to guide students through the research process.

“I am looking forward to interacting with the students and other faculty on a daily basis,” said Konrad. “I believe the learning process goes both ways, students learn from professor and vice versa.”

According to Spertus, one of the interesting things about Konrad is that “she has a different academic background. She holds an undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, not computer science, and has worked as an engineer, studied in Spain, and received her education from a variety of institutions.”

“Almudena is a very warm and enthusiastic person,” said Spertus. “She seems to want to be at Mills rather than at a larger university. Everyone is very excited about the addition.”

Konrad will teach computer networking and technical communication next year.