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All students deserve equal education at Mills College

I am watching with great surprise at how the issue
of male students at Mills has come to prominence as a campus-wide
topic. First, let me make a disclaimer here, so that those students
at Mills who are offended by male students will not be subjected to
further trauma and can choose to stop reading here – I am a male
student at Mills.

I was under the impression that Mills is a
College, not a social club – and for people to confuse their
purpose in being here as something other than the learning
opportunity it is shows a basic lack of understanding. Do we not
all deserve the opportunity for an equal education?

For such an issue to be raised at the level of the
school paper, the feelings that have been expressed must have
certainly been banging around at a less obvious level for some
time. This is now an issue of discrimination which falls to the
administration of the College to address.

Barton Friedland, Graduate Student