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A few words from President Holmgren

Dear Editors,

I was pleased and proud to see the Editorial on “Roe v. Wade: 31
Years Later” in the January 29, 2004 issue of the Mills Weekly. I
believe that preserving the reproductive rights of women secured
through the extraordinary efforts of women and men in recent times
is absolutely critical to the well-being of women and of society.
As a college dedicated to the advancement of women through
education, the Mills community has been and continues to be
unwavering in its commitment to women’s rights and women’s health
and to the principles of social justice and equal opportunity that
undergird those rights.

Mills and our values influence the world agenda in many
important ways. For example, this past summer I had the great
privilege of sitting on the floor of the United Nations during a
meeting of more than 70 countries who support (or have supported in
the past—the situation for the U.S.) the United Nation’s Fund
for Population Activities—one of the single most important
bodies supporting women’s reproductive health worldwide. The leader
of the enterprise is a Mills alumna and trustee, Dr. Thoraya Obaid.
On that day, Dr. Obaid paused in her opening remarks to acknowledge
the presence of the president of her alma mater, Mills College, and
to state proudly that Mills supports the UNFPA.

I hope and trust that the Mills community will engage the issues
your editorial raises and regardless of political affiliation work
in support of reproductive rights for women.

Janet L. Holmgren,


On another subject, “Remembering Charles Larsen,” I hope the
entire community will come together on March 26 at 3 p.m. in the
Student Union to celebrate the life of this extraordinary colleague
and friend who gave so much to Mills through his teaching,
scholarship, and leadership.