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Your ASMC Update

ASMC Executive Board Report For November 16 & 23,2004

Items Apporved:

-WOMAM (Women of Music at Mills) , to recieve regular club funding

-Partial funding towards Vagina Fredly Club, for the production of Vagina Monologues

Partial funding for the Transfer & Junior Class Mixer to be held at Mary Atkins Dec. 8

-Partial funding for VOICE in order to probide a traveling espresso cart during finals week on campus (Dec. 9,10,11,13) in the Student Union.

-Partial funding for the freshwoman class for an open mic/coffee house night.  All proceeds will go towards their adopted agency (East Oakland Community High School).

-Legislative Congress has approved the ASMC Consitution.

Open Positions:

-There are immediate openings for ASMC Execuitive Board: Web Coordinator & Publicity Chair.  The following positions will be open for appointment in the spring: Co-organization Coordinator and Historian.

-Join ASMC! Petitions are available on the ASMC communication board and at http://www.  Turn in peitions to the Office of Student Life.