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Yearbook excludes lesbian

When Kelli Davis chose her outfit for her last high school picture, she picked something she would be comfortable in, a tuxedo. Her decision about clothing caused Sam Ward, the principal of Fleming High School in Fleming Island, Florida, to pull her picture out of the yearbook completely.

According to an article on, Ward pulled Davis’ picture because “she was wearing boy’s clothes.”

Davis’ attire was further discussed in a county school meeting, attended by over 200 townspeople and board members. Though the majority of people who spoke were in favor of Davis, Ward’s decision stood at the end of the meeting. Davis’ picture was permanently out of the yearbook.

According to, the student editor of the yearbook, Keri Sewell, refused the orders of her adviser to take Davis’ picture out of the yearbook and was fired.

There were no written dress codes for yearbook pictures.

Davis’ mother, Cindi Davis, said that they were treating it as a gay issue, when “rather it’s a human rights issue.”

—Lindsay Keller