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Welcome to Another Year

After barely surviving a run from orientation to the M Canter to the library and finally to Mills Hall, I am sitting here staring at my computer and wondering what exactly this fall semester is going to bring. Aside from the obvious annoyances of too much homework, too little time, quizzes, midterms, group projects and finals, I wonder where my next “ah ha” moments lie. Where will I find the hidden gems that the Mills College experience delivers time and time again? Which will be most memorable and which outrageously random event will make me sit back and say, “Damn, I’m so glad I did this.” as I smile on the inside about all that I have had the opportunity to know and learn.

From new friendships that will form and last an eternity to realizing the professors that make your entire existence miserable aren’t really all that bad to changing majors once, twice, or perhaps three times, all will definitely earn you tools that can help you build a beautiful future as a Mills woman. College, as trying as it is, always has a way of making you realize so much about yourself that you would never have otherwise known.

So whether you’re a newcomer or a resumer, I think we should all brace ourselves for an interesting ride. And don’t worry too much, there’s only 111 days until winter break!