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Volleyball Update

The volleyball team played the best match of their season last Friday against Dominican University, the defending conference championships.

Mills came out fired up and ready to play and beat Dominican University 32-30 in the first game of the match.

Although Mills lost the next three games 18-30, 27-30 and 25-30, their determination and cohesive team play kept them in the match and everyone else on the edge of their seats.

Senior Noora Al Baroudi played fiercely, giving the best performance of her collegiate career with 4 aces, 4 kills, 3 digs,1 block and a 90% serving ratio on 20 serves.

Captain Amy DeCoux contributed 17 kills, 4 blocks, 22 digs and 2 aces and Captain Megan Miller set up 23 assists, 11 digs, 3 aces and even managed to lay down 3 kills.

Maria deTroije added 4 blocks, 2 digs and 1 ace while teammate Allison Cockerham produced 11 digs, 1 kill, and fired off 2 aces while still serving100%.

Coach Marla Mundis said “Everything we have been developing all season came alive in this match. We are very proud of the tremendous team effort that was displayed on Friday night; it is indicative of our potential.”

The volleyball team is home this Friday night against Bethany College at 7:30 in Haas Gym.