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Fans show support at volleyball game

Though Bethany University beat out Mills in a 3-0 set game Sept. 25, the Cyclones played to a packed gym full of supportive fans that think the team is showing more and more improvements.

For the team’s fifth match of the season, fans in the stands were dressed in gold and blue face paints and showed their support for the Cyclones by shaking pom poms and cheering throughout the game’s entirety. The bleachers were filled and more fans from both colleges crowded around the front door to the gym to watch the athletes in action.

“It’s great to have support from the fans. I’ve never been in such a loud gym. The fan base is unique to Mills,” said Susan Forbes, Mills’ head volleyball coach.

Forbes is new to Mills this season, after previous head coach Daniel Rasay left the College at the end of the spring. (See our article: here).

“There is so much talent on this year’s team, not to mention a new coach who visibly has experience,” said senior Lisa Kelly, who helped cheer on the Cyclones from the stands.

Senior Cristin Allen, who has played on the team for the last four years said, “The seniors on the team have a strong foundation. It takes all of us to make a team.”

Constant calls and chattering could be heard among Mills as they fanned in and out of their six-person rotation as the sets progressed. It was apparent that the team has stepped up not only their confidence on the court, but also their communication and commitment to each other.

“They are starting to gel together more, now. They are starting to understand each other,” said alumna Loke Davis.

Davis played on the volleyball team all throughout her four years at Mills and is now returning as an assistant, to offer her support to the team.

Out of the six games played this season so far, the volleyball team has a record of five losses and one win. Mills started off their season with a 2-3 loss against Ohlone on Sept. 10, and 0-3 losses against University of Redlands and Whittier College Sept. 17 and 19, respectively. They picked up a win in the fourth game of the season, with a  3-0 score against La Sierra Sept. 19.

During the game against Bethany, the match points concluded with a 21-24 loss for Mills in the first set, a 15-24 loss in the second set, and an 18-24 loss in the third.

“Mills played very well. They hustled like no other, and wanted to win no matter what,” said sophomore K.C. Callender.

“Mills is a tough place to play because there is lots of energy from the fans through every point. We have had a lot of trouble in the past years so this was a good win for us,” said Reed Duffus, Bethany’s head volleyball coach.

Mills added another loss to their stats Sept. 26 in a 0-3 set loss to Menlo, which took place in Atherton, Calif.