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Volleyball welcomes new members, plays first game

Teammates encourage each other during the game. (Bonnie Horgos)

With 11 new players joining the ranks, the Mills volleyball team welcomed a new season with their first game last Thursday. Despite opponents La Sierra winning 3-0, Cyclones’ sets, spikes and serves suggested a promising semester.

Coach Susan Forbes said the new players—ten freshmen and one sophomore—are a breath of fresh air for the team of thirteen.

“I’m really excited for what’s in store,” Forbes said. “We have a really quality group of women.”

The game began with a mixed lineup of veterans and freshmen behind the net, hitters, setters and libero posed and ready.

The first set went to the opposing team with a 25-6 score.

“I want you to be aggressive!” said Forbes from the sideline.

The Cyclones took the advice to heart, playing neck and neck during the second set for a while with an 8-8 score, ending with a 25-12 score.

The final set was equally tense, freshman Audre Mowry frequently sliding to the ground to hit the ball. The set ended with a 25-5 score.

Forbes said the game was an effective warm-up for a promising season.

“I think it was a good opportunity to get our jitters out,” Forbes said. “While there might be some growing pains, there are so many opportunities to grow. They’ll just be working out the kinks.”