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Verbalizing on Spring Break

Every time spring break comes around everyone starts asking everyone else what they’re doing. Some people have extravagant trips to foreign places planned, some have minor plans with friends, and then there are those of us who do nothing.

It isn’t that we don’t want to go to Mexico for spring break, it’s just that we can’t all live the American dream.

Okay, that might be a little over-dramatic, but it’s true: not everyone can afford to take off for a week.

Money is one important factor; it costs a whole heck of a lot to go to Mexico. You have to figure in hotel costs, airfare and then of course margarita money.

Plus going to Mexico over spring break is a whole different story-suddenly all these places that were cheap to visit in February cost a couple hundred bucks more in March. What the hell?

If you are a working student as many of us are, you also have to take time off, which cuts your paycheck in half and makes your boss like you quite a bit less.

There are other problems, besides just the monetary costs facing students.

Because Mills is on a semester system, we have to come back in the middle of the school term. This means that there is mucho homework to take care of.

Some of us just can’t afford to not get those assignments or study hours in or else future plans will be screwed.

The other thing about spring break, which might have foiled some student’s plans, are parents who want something done.

They find out you are on spring break and all of a sudden your old bedroom needs to be painted teal. Never mind the fact that your perfectly capable younger brother who lives in the room could do it.

Or even worse, they just want some quality time. Don’t get us wrong, we are sure you love your parents, they are probably good people, but they just seem to think that because they help with your tuition they can control your life.

Maybe it isn’t your parents at all. Maybe it’s a sibling who has a major life crisis in the middle of your spring break and you have to be there to support him or her.

And given the fact that this is break up season, that’s really likely. So watch out!

So if you are asked what you did during spring break and there is only bitterness in your answer, don’t feel alone.

Many of us were left watching movies and doing homework. That was why the Academy Awards were on this weekend, right?