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U-Haul Car Share responds to students’ frustration

(Anna Torres)

Members of the Mills College community can look forward to having not one, but three, U-Haul Car Share vehicles on campus by the end of this month.

On Nov. 7,  Niviece Robinson, Director of Public Safety at Mills College, sent an email indicating Francisco Baltazar, Account Manager for U-Haul Car Share, had advised the department that a replacement car is due on campus by next week and a second new car    shortly after.

Baltazar’s response was prompted by an Oct. 30 article published in The Campanil, which was forwarded to him by Robinson.

The article reported Mills students’ disappointing experience with the U-Haul Car Share service on campus. Students mentioned various issues ranging from technical glitches to unhelpful customer service, but were unanimous in their frustration at having only one car to share on campus.

There were initially two U-Haul Car Share vehicles on campus. After a collision in March of this year totalled one of the vehicles, the Mills community was left with only one car to share for the past eight months.

Baltazar did not respond when asked for further comment via email. According to Robinson’s email, Baltazar conveyed apologies on behalf of U-Haul Car Share for the inconvenience caused by the delay in sending a replacement car to Mills College.