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Tution and fees for students goes up another year

Every year students can expect a rise in tuition at Mills.

For the 2016-2017 academic year, tuition has risen a total of 3.1 percent, costing a total of $44,322 from last year’s $42,990.  According to a memorandum sent to campus by Maria Cammarata, Vice President for Finance and Administration, on Mar 7, this increase is still below the national average for private colleges, which
is 3.6 percent.

In addition to tuition, housing has gone up 2 percent, meal plans by 3 percent, and comprehensive fees for things like campus operations also by 3 percent.

In an open forum held for students about the increase in prices on Mar 10, Cammarata and Jeff Hardie, Assistant Vice President for Student Financial Services, financial aid for students remains one of the school’s primary concerns, and any changes made to tuition and fees will still focus on making education accessible to
all students.