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” Tis the Season!” Tips to help find that special something

The holidays are quickly approaching and most people are either already eagerly decorating for the season (if not already decorated), counting down for the new year, or frustrated with the thoughts of gifts. No matter the holidays you may celebrate, giving your friends and/or loved ones something special feels good. What doesn’t feel good though, is trying to figure out what that “something special” is.

So while we begin the season of finals, here are some tips to help make that “special something search” a little easier:

  • You don’t have to find anything extravagant or flashy. As cliché as this is, it’s truly the thought that counts. For most, being a student is a struggle in so many ways, including financially, so don’t stress out about saving your money more than you may already be. Something as simple as a CD, sweater or picture frame with a meaningful photo will put a smile on someone’s face.
  • Remember in elementary school when we would make our own gifts? Well, I’m sure that you’ve had some time to work on your creativity and crafting skills. A photo collage on some cardboard is relatively cheap to make, depending on where you print your photos and how “scrapbook” you want it to look. Even a pillow if you know how to sew, or a scarf if you can knit.
  • Brainstorming isn’t as awful as it seemed back when you had to do so before an essay in middle school. Brainstorming ideas of what someone likes can do wonders. What’s their favorite color? What’s something they are always talking about? What is something they have brought up before? Once you have some things flowing through your mind, that special something will jump out at you like a lightbulb turning on over your head.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask! We tend to forget that as much as we want to surprise someone, it’s okay to ask them what they want or maybe what they need. Exchanging a list of items with someone makes it that much easier to narrow down what that special something will be. When you have options, the person doesn’t know what you’re going to get; sure they have an idea, but it will still be a surprise.

These are just a few tips to consider this holiday season. Every year it’s the same frustration of trying to find that special something for someone. The holiday seasons are meant for appreciating all who are in our lives that make a difference to us, so don’t worry if they will like that special something; as long as it came from the heart, it will count as the perfect gift.