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Tips for keeping healthy during the midterms, cold season

The Campanil was curious as to how people in the Mills community stay health during what can often be a stressful time.  Here are four ways people keep calm and carry on.

“I’ve been spreading myself too thin lately, so I’ve
been sick twice this year. But I drink lots of Yerba
Mate and I maximize on sleep. I also think it’s a
great idea to take 10 minutes to do something for
yourself.  Do something that’s mindless.”
—Kim Ip, sophomore

“Take sex breaks.”
Jack Elliot, senior

“I jog around the track in the morning. I also like
to take walks around Lake Merrit with my mom
on the weekends. It’s also important to manage
your time when you study; don’t cram. My
professor Bruce Williams says, “Just let go and
Angelica Addison, senior

“Proper nutrition and sleep: Those are always
going to be the most imperative factors when
healing and recovering.”
Mark Thompson, Cashier at the Health Center

All photos by Bridget Stagnitto.