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Thursday night’s special

Thursday Night Special, a free concert presented by graduate students in the Center for Contemporary Music, CCM, is back for a third year.

The goal of the concert series is twofold: Organizers want to bring students together outside of class and provide a venue for performance of works in progress. The special is designed to provide “an informal atmosphere for people to show what they’re working on,” said Julia Christensen, a second-year Master of Fine Arts candidate in electronic music who is organizing this year’s performances.

“The sense of community around here comes from classes in a lot of ways, and people were looking for an extracurricular way to bring more students together,” said Mark Bartscher, a CCM graduate student and co-organizer of this year’s concerts.

The concerts draw a variety of students who enjoy the music and environment, and appreciate the craftsmanship involved in the music. “I think it’s a great forum for musicians and a gathering ground for other artists,” said junior Katja Geldhof. “It’s this little shot of culture and silliness on campus.”

“The quality of intelligent music relates to my own practices, and it’s good to know that there are people making such astonishing noise,” said poetry MFA student James Meetze.

Some regular performers already have dedicated fans. “The real special is after the special, when Jared (McAdams) dances,” said Geldhof.