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My Mills experience just got better

I’m a senior psychology major on the Infant Mental Health 4+1 track. I am also a commuter and transfer student who has been at Mills for almost two years. Sadly enough, this is the first semester that I have actually attended any of the on-campus events and, though skeptical, my experiences so far have ranged from pleasant to down right amazing!My first year here was a drag, to say the least. I was only on campus when I absolutely needed to be and since I hadn’t really made any friends, I didn’t feel the need to be so engaged. Besides, my life as a single parent doesn’t really allow that much freedom between working, studying, keeping up with my kids and somehow miraculously managing a whole entire boyfriend on the side (but that’s another discussion). Well, this year, I am really trying to take it all in. With the push of my newfound campus-savvy friend, with whom I have formed a wonderful attachment (thanks ‘G-Money’), I must say I have been getting around, so to speak.

Convocation was a lovely experience – sort of a prelude to graduation, which I am absolutely looking forward to. Now “Dancing with the Dean” was off-the-hook; who knew Zumba was so much fun? It required a lot of stamina and even had one girl (I won’t say any names) laughing the entire hour while breathing heavily and happy to be barely keeping up. Then there was that delicious dinner and wine followed by a wonderful conversation with Helen Thomas and Congresswoman Barbara Lee, which was breathtaking. I felt so honored and privileged to be amongst the few who were able to share that experience. I can truly say it made me proud to be a Mills woman.

Now I’m actually sitting here wondering what I’ll be doing next. Let’s see. There’s the Senior Pin dinner coming up on Nov. 10 that my campus-savvy friend and I will be attending (I rarely turn down free food!) and there will also be another Dancing with the Dean on Nov. 16 that I’m excited about going to (this time I plan on wearing my workout clothes!). From now until then, I’m sure reading the many psychology chapters assigned in my classes and working on my proposal for my Masters thesis will keep me quite busy.

So Mills, thanks for the hard work (that I always have to do), thanks for the good times, and oh yeah, thanks for those cool little $10 ceramic coffee mugs sold in the Tea Shop that means I now only have to pay a dollar for a cup of coffee. Now I can sit here with my mug full of “the drink of life” and study while waiting for something new and interesting on-campus for me to do besides being in the library until midnight, which sadly enough is my most commonly attended event on campus.