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Team Awesome brings silly to Mills

Just last month, Mills was voted one of the coolest schools by Sierra Magazine. Now there’s a club that could take the campus from cool to awesome. Team Awesome, a club created to give Mills women a chance to have some fun,  had its first and only meeting Sept. 30 in the Mills Hall living room.

“Team Awesome exists to make ridiculous happen and ridiculous happenings at Mills,” said a message sent out to Student-News.

According to club co-president Colleen Kimsey, who started the group with Ariana Cuellar and Zoe Marcus, Mills women are in need of a break.

“Mills is a serious place, so I thought, what if we did ridiculous stuff instead of serious things.,” said Co-President Colleen Kimsey, a sophmore. “Team Awesome is born.”

At the club’s one and only meeting, those in attendance discussed the types of events they would want to create for the Mills community this academic year. A few of the awesome ideas discussed were having guest lecturers like poet and activist Andrea Gibson, a giant hopscotch game, a zombie apocalypse, and matchmaking.

For the month of October the club plans to host a guerrilla art workshop and franken-stuffed animals workshop, where participants can tear apart stuffed animals and sew different parts back together to create a new stuffed animal. In November the club plans to have a story time with cookies and milk.
Kimsey led the meeting and explained the reason for having only one meeting and how the events are organized, planned and carried out. She also explained the structure of the group.

“No one’s in charge, it’s collaborative,” she said.

Team Awesome plans an event for each month. Members sign up to orgnaize and participate in an acticity of their choice, according to Kimsey. Members are given a month to plan and execute
their event.

First-year students were also there to participate.

“The meeting was interesting. The off-the-wall events make me excited to make it happen,” said first-year Eve Bauman.

Read the letter to the editor from the members of Team Awesome and learn how to join.