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Summertime brings work and leisure

The signs of a closing semester are here; many students are scheduling group study sessions for finals while others are rushing to turn in applications for summer internships. We all deserve a great big pat on the back.

This past academic year has been very difficult-we started off with a national tragedy and have had a year of budget cuts and campus departmental reforms. All aspects of our lives have been changed by the events of the 2001-2002 school year.

As you step off the Mills Campus and into the summer, make sure that every step you take is taken with pride of what you have achieved this year. Remember that with the education you are receivingat Mills there are mountains that can be climbed and moved. As a community, we need to take what we have learned over the past year and apply it outside the gates. There is a call for strong Mills women to help out others who are in need.

When making plans for the summer, whether you’re taking a cross-country trip to visit relatives, a vacation in Cancun, or just sitting around the house reading those books that never fit into your school schedule, make sure you are aware that there are people out in the world who can use your talents. For the past 150 years Mills has molded and developed some of the most powerful women in America, and it is time for our community to take that power and use it to help others.

At the beginning of the year there was a strong activist culture on campus, but the level of volunteerism and organizing seems to have dwindled. Summer is the perfect time to get involved with activism again. Homework is no longer an excuse for failing to get involved. Summer means there is time to spare. There is a call for the educated woman to get out there and provide her insight on life to others.

This summer, take a moment out of your life to show that you care, to show that even though your academic year was hard it did not effect your self worth. Make that pat on the back last for the whole summer and be proud of what this past year has taught you.

And be sure to take everything you’ve learned and to share it with the larger community.