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Students need questions answered

I was sitting in the Weekly office when an angry senior came in, fuming about the lack of access to the registrar.

“How am I supposed to know if I can graduate in December if I can’t meet with her before the end of the add period,” she asked rather frantically.

I was able to commiserate because I’m in exactly the same position. I had to reorganize my major in order to declare a minor, and I need to know if all of my credits, especially those that are transfer credits, will apply.

I even turned in my new Declaration of Major form almost two full weeks before school started in the hopes that the paperwork would be processed before the chaos of fall registration took over the M Center.

Instead, I’ve been to the M Center three times since the beginning of the semester to ask whether all my papers had been processed and whether everything was in order for me to graduate but I still don’t have the answer. The add deadline has passed, so I certainly hope that I’m not missing any essential classes.

The thing that frustrates me the most is that I’ve been proactive and am still not getting anywhere.

I called, I went in personally. I even tried to make an appointment in the middle of summer, but was told that the registrar’s office was trying to shift responsibility back to the advisors. I saw my advisor, but I still need the registrar’s approval.

The angry student I was talking to on Monday said she was told that she couldn’t see the registrar. So was I. How many other students have had the same experience?

If the registrar can’t see us, she needs a liason who is able to answer the questions that other M Center staff pass off to the registrar herself.

There are more than a hundred additional students this semester, so maybe there should be more than one person in the M center who can answer pressing, pertinent questions- questions like “am I all set to graduate?”

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