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Students gather for prospective sports day

As the new school year begins, the Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation (APER) department began their search for new talent among the first year and continuing students by hosting a prospective sports day to introduce staff and athletics options to incoming students.

Among the prospective sports’ stars making their way to Haas Pavilion, APER staff members stood in a line facing a set of bleachers full of eager and enthusiastic young women in hopes that yet another successful sports season will evolve.

On the evening’s agenda, each member of the APER staff was introduced, a slideshow capturing the various sport options on campus was viewed, and each team met individually to go over goals and expectations of the fall, winter and spring sports.

Prospective students circled together. (Carrol Page)
Prospective students circled together. (Carrol Page)

“Our program is about taking you from where you are at to pushing you forward and making you challenge yourself,” said Themy Adachi, director of APER and the speaker of the event.

Sports offered in the fall include cross-country, track and field, soccer and volleyball. Swimming makes up the winter sports, while rowing and tennis are available during the spring

Swim coach Neil Virtue informed the young women who filled the bleachers that they may compete in more than one sport; however, they must complete one sport before beginning another.
“The sports teams are very accommodating to each other,” said Soccer Coach Colette Bowler.
Mills’ coaches encourage novice athletes to join the sports teams on campus, despite their level of experience.

When asked how skilled of a swimmer athletes need to be to join the swim team, Virtue said, “Getting from one end of the pool to the other sounds like a good start to me.”

A major theme throughout the prospective sports day was the importance of commitment. Having practices an average of five to six days a week, and traveling to various locations throughout the season entails athletes to work hard on and off the field.

The APER department is also looking for any student interested in work experience during home games and they are also looking for interns.