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Staff bids fond farewell

The first phase of Mills' introduction of online registration has finished, to much success. We've all been happy to see Mills finally catch up in the registration game.

Registration was streamlined and easy. There won't be any long lines at the M Center this year. While we're sad to see one of our best photo ops of the year disappear, we can't complain about something that makes students' lives easier.

Of course, that's not the only change to come to the campus this year. We can't stress how thrilled we are that the college has an effective emergency plan. Those of us who have been at Mills for several years now can't remember anyone addressing safety concerns in light of a major disaster before this week. Considering we're in earthquake country it's important to know what's expected of us when the next one hits.

It's a pleasure to have a new director of religious and spiritual life on campus and we're eager to meet the new student activities and diversity directors that Mills will hire over the summer break. Joanna Iwata has been an amazing addition to the school as Dean of Students; we at the Weekly in particular want to thank her for her unending efforts to improve communication between students and the administration.

While great things are happening on campus, there are still issues that need to be addressed. We hope to see more expansion of online services, especially at the M Center, enabling students to access their MAPS (Mills Academic Plans) online and reduce the amount of paperwork it takes to get simple things done on this campus.

We also hope that a major influx of new students for the 2006-2007 year doesn't leave students unable to take the classes they need. Many of us expressed surprise when we looked at the class schedule for next semester and didn't see additional sections of the more popular and general education classes offered. After all the news of the record number of admissions for next year we had high hopes that more classes would be offered and more professors would be hired.

Last, but certainly not least, we'd like to see some proactive moves taken to solve the parking issues on campus – especially in light of the increased number of students who will be on campus next semester. Some of the main parking lots were closed this semester for construction and special events. While we love the events and the new buildings that are going up, we think it's ridiculous to fine students for creative parking when the space issue is compounded by lot closures. Public Safety should be a little more lenient about citations on days when parking is considerably more difficult.

As we move into summer and another school year we wish graduating seniors the best in all their endeavors.

Have a safe and sane summer. We'll see you on the flip side.