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Staff Editorial

Politics is a blood sport. Any inanimate object or octogenarian can be used as a weapon. We saw this at the 2012 Republic National Convention when Clint Eastwood berated an empty chair and pretended that the President of the United States of America was in it. We all know that party conventions aren’t really for gaining new members but rather to galvanize their bases. This sort of behavior leads some to wonder if politicians care more about spectacle then actual platforms. Is Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention what is wrong or right about American politics today?

Why would an Academy Award winning actor and director talk to a chair? Eastwood is known for his cinematic scope and masterful story telling. Why would he depend on a sight gag? Some wondered why he didn’t take a cue from this year’s Coachella and use a Barack Obama hologram to ignite the imagination of his audience.

Some people actually watch conventions to gain information about politic parties. A sight gag does not give them a lot of information about policy or platform. Sight gags do not show an economic plan for the future. The image of Clint Eastwood conjures up many feelings for the American public. I’m sure the GOP delighted in Dirty Harry dealing a smack down to the perceived absentee president.

These sorts of political games expose our dirty laundry to the world. They make American politics look like all flash and bang with no substance. The American people want real solutions to their very real problems. The American people want jobs they can raise families on. We want our money to be worth something.  The American want their dignity back. Although these divisive political games can be humorous at times, they are not putting food in our bellies and money in the bank.